O365 Transition Help!

In order to better assist our staff with the transition to O365, we have created a single point for you to use as a reference with helpful information that can ease the transition to Office 365.

We will continue to add information here as we work through this process.

For any questions or issues, please email Support@KeyLogic.com

Your first login with your new username.

Your First Login to Office.com

  1. Please see the section on clearing your login information from web browsers before attempting to log in to office.com. If your browser has your old logon information saved to login automatically, you will not be able to access your office.com resources easily.
  2. Go to the site https://www.office.com and enter your new account name firstname.lastname@keylogic.com.
  3. Enter the temporary password provided to you, or current email password.
  4. When prompted on your first sign in, click next to provide more information and provide the answers to a few security questions. These will allow you to reset your password if you should forget it.

How do I Create Teams?

You can use Microsoft Teams now for chat and video conferencing functionality. Full Microsoft Teams functionality will be rolled our in the very near future with ties to Sharepoint, and all other Microsoft Properties.

If you need to create a Team for collaboration, then please email support@keylogic.com and we will be happy to create the Team for you.

I’m having trouble joining and creating Teams meetings.

Make sure your Teams app is signed into the correct profile.

Open the Teams desktop app, then select your profile icon in the top right of the Teams app to view what profile you are currently using.

Please see Resetting Your Login Information in the Teams Desktop App

How do I login?

You can login by going to office.com and logging in with firstname.lastname@keylogic.com. Previously your username was firstinitiallastname@iiaweb/keylogic.com, but that no longer works for logging in to get your Office 365 data.

Please use firstname.lastname@keylogic.com and if you have questions, please send an email to support@iiaweb.com.